Linda Layden Scrimshaw

Custom Scrimshaw Designs

Whale and Squid (The new Featured Design for 2012)

  The epic battles between mighty sperm whales and colossal squid (which have been measured to weigh nearly 500 kg…that’s over one-half ton…) have unfortunately never been recorded by humans. Yet anecdotal tales, however, are still the stuff of legend. Indeed, giant squid have been found in the stomachs of the sperm whales, and, conversely, the frequent, (and vicious) white scarring on the head, face, and bodies of sperm whales are generally believed to be caused by squid, with experts claiming that the massive whales posess a voracious appetite for the large cephalopods.

  However, some members of Camp Squid, as it were, (and if you will), resolutely maintain, and even insist, that perhaps most of those ingested by whales are really just juvenile squid, and that their parents may, actually, eat the whales. But since even modern researchers hava yet to even FILM a real big-old-giant-colossal squid living in the wild, let alone ever having  managed to persue a study of them, no-one can yet say for sure.

  This bone-handled knife’s scrimshawing was all completely hand-etched by Linda in classic black and white style, featuring a beautiful relief of these legendary giants of the deep

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